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One Bag—Never-Ending Looks!

To be a fan of Miche means to be never subject to the recurrent switch of purses—it's a marvelous thing! Your essentials are stored in one bag only, so you never have to pay extra attention to moving all the stuff to another purse every moment your outfit is changed. Just pretend yourself always aware of where that favorite lipstick of yours currently is!

And your starting point is at picking a Base Bag—Demi, Classic, Petite or Prima. Next step - adding any super-stylish Shell. That's it - you're 100% up for a busy day. And which "image" of yours is the one you're feeling like exactly today? Tricky? Flirty? Exquisite? All business? Doesn't really matter. Now you're able to make your Miche Bag look exactly in the way you wish in seconds. Now that's what instant luxury is!

Life is Tough—Ordering A Miche Bag is Easy!

Your day is hustle, bustle, fuzz—but ordering your Miche Bag is a soft touch! As easy as that:
Choose a Miche Base Bag among the 4 basic sizes we've designed for your convenience—Classic, Prima, Petite&Demi. Go grab your Base.

Now select your own Miche Bag Shells: What we actually have is a really wide range of Shells, solutions for any style and resources, something one can select for any event or occasion, mood and outfit. Just sit back and switch off, don't hurry up, and choose your own inner Miche. Prima Shells, Demi Shells, Petite Shells or Classic Shells - the variety of these solutions will help you find something that will fit your Base Bag!

Here it is—a brand-new bag! And remember to Accessorize! It's so easy to create an absolutely unique look customized on your own using the widest selection of trendy Handles and a whole range of various extras one can find in our Accessories.

Affordability, Convenience, Style—Everything's in the Bag!

Just in case if you really behave like most women do, paying fortunes for numerous handbags you're planning to use a couple of times only, with them just sitting in your closet and collecting dust - Miche Bags is a helpful alternative! A Miche Bag is designed for you to keep all your stuff in one purse and one purse only. With it you can easily free up more closet space for tons of important stuff (let us say, for example, shoes!) and get the possibility to enjoy the hottest trends whenever you want without foraging your bank account. That's you. That's now. That's Miche. Who dares say you aren't to get it all? You are - with Miche! Believe me.